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Can we help?

Do you have the need for a proven, cost effective, production-ready solution to:

  • Ensure uniform, precision alignment of moulded, machined, cast, forged or fabricated components, structures or assemblies;
  • Address issues caused by non-linear tolerance variation in the manufacturing process, or to isolate different material types within an assembly;
  • Reduce inventories of shim, filling, joining gasket or sealing components, while maintaining 100% availability at point of use?  

Then please contact us. We will work directly with your engineers, manufacturing and operations teams as appropriate to offer you the most cost effective and practical solution to meet your particular requirements.

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Examples of where we can help

  • Gap management solutions in the assembly of composite structures
  • Dealing with angled or curved surfaces, requiring a tapered and/or pliable filling material between mating parts
  • Shimming to extremely tight tolerances
  • Addressing high gap variability
  • Non linear thickness profiles – custom made to laser or other measurement systems via “speed shop” service
  • Lightweight shims, fillers & packers
  • Rapid proto-typing/development service
  • Bespoke logistics solutions to minimise working capital investment; consignment inventory, DLF, or min/max

> Laminated peelable aluminum shim component

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