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Shimtech Opens up a Bigger Gap

Added 15/06/15

15 June 2015

News Release

Shimtech Opens up a Bigger Gap

Paris-Le Bourget, France. Shimtech Industries (“Shimtech”), the fast-growing, international

aerospace components supplier, will once again be exhibiting the full range of its specialist Gap

Management components at the 2015 International Paris Air Show.

With its businesses Lamsco, Attewell and Bolsan, Shimtech has a legacy of manufacturing

aerospace shims going back almost seventy years.

Already the largest manufacturer of aerospace shims, fillers and specialist laminated materials in

the World, Shimtech has recently extended its global lead, opening up a further “gap” relative to

other much smaller suppliers.

Shimtech CEO, Howard Kimberley, explains:

“With our recent investment in composite fabrication and our on-going R&D programme, we

believe Shimtech is now the only specialist Gap Management business in the world that can

manufacture lightweight glass and carbon fibre shimstock material entirely in house.

“This means that as well as more competitive pricing, we can now shorten the supply chain quite

considerably for shims and fillers manufactured from thermosetting composite materials to

customers’ fabrication specifications that are frequently lead-time infringed.”

With the latest generation of new “carbon-rich” aircraft from Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier

continuing to take centre stage at Le Bourget, CEO Kimberley explains the significance of

Shimtech’s recent product development further:

“When assembling large composite structures such as wing covers or flight control surfaces,

effective gap management solutions can have a major bearing on reducing ultimate

manufacturing flow days.

“As well, of course, as competitiveness, key, is to offer a combined technical and logistics solution

that at the same time contributes to reductions in airframe cost, weight, and assembly cycle time.

“Shimtech has years of experience working with the latest generation of composite airframes.

Through close collaboration with our customers’ engineering and logistics teams, we have been

able to tailor product and service solutions to their particular Gap Management requirements that

help them achieve these challenging objectives.”

At a time when affordability challenges continue to ripple through the aerospace supply chain, the

benefits from working with fewer, larger, financially healthy suppliers with strong balance sheets

and technical strength-in-depth have never been greater.

With its international footprint, its clear market leadership position in Gap Management and its

integrated capabilities in composite fabrication, Shimtech looks forward to continuing to help play

a role in unlocking those benefits for its customer base and helping them to achieve further

advantage in an ever more competitive global market place.

Visit Shimtech at Stand D192 in Hall 4 at the International Paris Air Show 2015 to learn more, and

for further discussion on world-class products and solutions with Shimtech’s Gap Management



For further information:

Howard Kimberley

Group Chief Executive

Shimtech Industries Limited

Tel: +44 7713 625461

Notes to Editors

Shimtech is a specialist supplier of high performance composite structures, assemblies and shim

solutions to the global aerospace industry.

Shimtech components and assemblies support a broad range of programs in the commercial and

military aerospace markets, including advanced composite structures for UAVs and space


With 500 employees, Shimtech operates from seven manufacturing and distribution facilities

across North America, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic, supplemented by a network

of worldwide agents providing in-country customer service.

Shimtech’s Gap Management products can be supplied with peelable foil thicknesses down to

0.001” (0.025mm) in a variety of materials. From traditional metallics, to lightweight engineered

plastics, to advanced thermoset composites; as well as hybrid shims in different materials and in

solid, semi or fully peelable form. Shims and fillers can be flat, tapered or radiused to meet any

requirement, from standard specifications to custom requirements. When it comes to shimming,

there is no challenge that Shimtech cannot take on. Even peel strengths can be adjusted to suit

customers’ particular requirements.

For more information:


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