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Gap Management & Alignment

From advanced ERP and engineering tools, to high speed CNC manufacturing, Shimtech has invested in some of the most modern and efficient systems and production equipment available for the manufacture and conversion of laminated shim material.

Our state-of-the art capability is underpinned by a commitment to lean manufacturing and continuous improvement, backed up by advanced quality systems; an approach shared across all of our manufacturing facilities.

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Four laminating lines using proprietarily developed processes are in use across Shimtech’s facilities, laminating both metallic and non metallic materials in a range of foil thicknesses and offering a range of finished peel strengths. Shimtech also has two additional lines dedicated to the production of aluminum Type 1A, as specified by The Boeing Company.

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Water Jet Cutting

Water-Jet cutting provides a cost effective means to cut solid materials into intricate shapes that might be problematic or time consuming to achieve using conventional machining methods.

Shimtech has 5 CNC water jet cutting machines, with a maximum cutting depth of 150mm (5.9”) and a maximum cutting envelope size of 1200 mm (47”) x 1600 mm (63”).

Water-Jet cutting leaves a clean edge finish with no discolouration around the cut profile.

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CNC Machining

Shimtech has a range of versatile, modern, high speed 3 and 4-axis CNC milling/turning equipment, including twin pallet loading capability. Maximum component sizes are 914mm (36”) x 381mm (15”) for milling, and 406mm (16”) diameter for turning.

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CNC Routing

Shimtech’s CNC high speed routers have the capability to cut both large and small components in a wide range of metallic and non-metallic materials rapidly and efficiently, with maximum component sizes as follows:-

  • 5 axis: 2600mm (102”) x 1500mm (59”) x 1200mm (47”)
  • 3 axis: 3048mm (120”) x 1524mm (60”)

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CNC Punch Pressing

CNC punch pressing provides a high speed, versatile and cost efficient means of producing detail components from metallic materials, including stainless steel and titanium. Maximum component size is up to 102mm (4”) x 204mm (8”).

In addition, Shimtech has a range of conventional manual and power presses with a maximum stamping capability of up to 80 tons.

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Photo-Chemical Machining

Photo chemical machining enables the production of high intricacy components through an acid etching process. The technique is particularly attractive for use in electronics, filtration and aerospace and defence applications.

Minute holes and radii, at a pitch that would make conventional processes uneconomic, can be produced without inducing burrs or stresses in the material. In addition, tooling costs are low, resulting in highly cost-effective solutions for prototype development of thin sheet details. A wide range of metals can be etched in a range of thicknesses from 0.127mm (0.005”) up to 1.6mm (0.063”), from a standard sheet size of 450mm (18”) x 300mm (12”).

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With a highly skilled and experienced workforce, Shimtech can produce small sub-assemblies i.e. formed or flat details with the addition of anchor nuts or other AGS hardware either by means of pressing, bonding, or by spot welding.

These components can be supplied in kit form along with additional purchased hardware if required.

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CMM Inspection

Dual head touch probe and laser scanning coordinate measuring system, representing the latest available technology for inspection of precision engineered components with complex contours and geometries regardless of surface finishes.

Shimtech’s CMM capability provides the ability to rapidly check components against three dimensional digital models (full integration with Catia v5) with a laser probe accuracy of 0.0001” (0.00254 mm), providing complete assurance of the highest possible degrees of accuracy.

CNC Grinding

High speed precision CNC grinding with a maximum width of 600mm (24”).

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