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Composite Engineered Structures

PPI has an extensive array of in-house fabrication and process capabilities that are seamlessly integrated with a core network of specialized suppliers to provide the lowest total cost of acquisition at highest possible quality levels.

By maintaining full service capabilities and extensive customer and industry approvals at its San Diego facility for a range of manufacturing and assembly processes, PPI is able to provide customers with real competitive advantage through end-to-end solution provision.

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PPI was founded on composite material fabrication. Composite curing and bonding is accomplished in an autoclave measuring 6 ft. in diameter and 18 ft long, controlled to a maximum of 650 degrees Fahrenheit and 250 psi. Composite curing is also accomplished in several large batch ovens measuring up to 10 ft. x 8 ft. x 10 ft. Precision lay-up is accomplished by a computer controlled composite ply cutting machine.

Sheet Metal

PPI manufactures a wide variety of sheet metal parts and assemblies including pressure bulkheads, pressure doors, metal bonded assemblies, aluminum honeycomb sandwich panels, and electronic component enclosures.

Metal Bond

PPI performs Metal Bonding of "metal-to-metal" and "metal-to-core" on flat panels and shaped structures.

CNC Machining

Precision cutting and trimming is performed on CNC Machining and water-jet cutting equipment. In-house processing is augmented by specialty machining suppliers for unique requirements and cost efficiency.


PPI provides a wide variety of custom tooling for commercial and military aerospace industries. The tooling division supports the in-house production requirements and is utilized as a separate group.

Capabilities include close tolerance bond jigs, reference patterns, plaster patterns, apply fixtures, form dies, and assembly fixtures.

PPI has the technical expertise to work from engineering specifications or to assist in the design and development.

Final Assembly

PPI has demonstrated expertise in managing and manufacturing components, subassemblies, and complex major assemblies in composite and metals, including electronic component installation and wiring harnesses.

By using integrated manufacturing methods, PPI creates value for its customers from component fabrication to Final Assembly including paint operations and finish processes. Paint processes are applied in our in-house paint booth.

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